Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan. 20, 2009

So, today it has been snowing like crazy!!! As much as I love snow, I am looking forward to spring weather...I guess as long as it stops and is plowed up for today so that Sid and I can get to our birthing class, I will be pleased!

As most don't know, Sidney and I have decided that the best birthing option for our new little one is going natural, meaning the least amount of medical intervention as possible. We started classes a couple of weeks ago for the method we have chosen to follow, the Bradley Method, also known as the husband-coached method. We feel this is the best option for both baby and I and are praying all goes well when I actually birth! Wish us luck!

And speaking of baby, today I have hit my 31 week mark according to my due date of March 24th. How quickly time has gone and I am wishing it would slow down a little! Other than a few things, I have enjoyed being pregnant for the most part and am not sure if I am ready to be a mama yet! And as much as I know I will be ready to have my old body back in a couple of months, I am completely content with Baby W staying cozy and comfy in her current home! Well, I am sure that once she does decide to join us, I will wonder why I ever thought life couldn't get any better without her. At least, I am praying for those feelings and thoughts!

In other thoughts, I guess I can't help but comment on the coming of our 44th President. As much as I do not agree with our new president and fear he can only worsen our nation, I know I need to pray for him because God instructs us to do so in His Word. After all, if we don't pray for the Lord's guidance and wisdom to come upon Obama, who will?

Well, I suppose that is all for today. We will be taking new belly pics tonight, so I will post those either tonight or tomorrow some time.

Au revoir!


  1. Awww Anna you look so cute pregnant!! I too was like you and wanted to give birth naturally. Unfortunately it didn't happen that way. I was induced and ended up having really strong contractions right at the beginning of labor. I wish you the best of luck in your choice and if you can do it more power to you girl!! Hope everything else is going well for you. -Love Always- Rebecca Newmeyer