Friday, February 13, 2009

Feb. 13, 2009's Friday the 13th! Bawahahahah!!! I just had to say that...

Anyway, I am glad it's Friday and tomorrow is Valentine's Day for everyone buying into the Hallmark holiday. And yes, I will admit, I do like to do something nice on V-Day, but I know it's cheesy...and not a real holiday, despite what others might think.

Not much on the home front. I recently got out my aunt's old sewing machine and cleaned it up and threaded and started sewing again. It feels WONDERFUL to be doing something familiar again. I have been making baby blankets and I plan on making a baby sunhat or two. Of course, this means that I have been going to JoAnn's more lately...poor Sidney hates to shop with me there, particularly because he just can't understand why I love fabric and thread so much...oh well, I will never understand how he can get so excited over glowplugs for the car, either. So, I guess that makes us even.

We are getting more excited as the birth of Baby W is drawing nearer. I'm guessing we have about a month or so left until she comes. We have decided that we are going to have a Doula with us, which makes me feel at ease. I think it will just help the process go much smoother. The woman who will be there with us is actually our Bradley birthing teacher as well, so it's nice that we have gotten to know her these past few weeks and we both feel very comfortable with her.

I have been feeling pretty good myself. Although, I am kind of waddling around, particularly at night when I am tired and have been on my feet all day. My lower back just started becoming uncomfortable yesterday, so I am thinking of going to a pre-natal chiropractor to have my back realigned. I'm not sure whether or not the baby has turned posterior (sunny side up, meaning her skull is touching my spine...ouch)and that's why my back is hurting, but I'm thinking a visit to the good old chiropractor won't do me any harm. Oh, I am having all these weird and bizarre dreams lately, although I have always remembered my dreams and many of them are weird, the ones I have had lately are just plain off the wall, and I can't even explain why! It's certainly been interesting. And speaking of dreaming and sleeping, I keep getting up more and more in the night and I am tired of it! I think the baby must be lowering herself because the little girls' room and myself are becoming more aquainted as time keeps pushing on!

And since we are on the topic of baby (what else at the moment, right?), Sidney and I are trying to decide what vaccines, if any, we will be giving to Baby W. I have been reading up on many, and it just seems like some of them are nonsense! The side affect seems worse than what the vaccine is actually for. And what's worse, I don't understand why some are being administered if the possibility of a baby getting a certain disease is more than likely not going to happen. I just don't know and I think it is all too confusing. What happened to the days of just having kids, growing them up, and being done with it? Not having to worry about all this extra crap that keeps getting thrown into it...oyvey!

In other news, I am excited to be going home next weekend. We are going to go check out the hospital we will be birthing at and then heading home for a short visit. That's always exciting. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. And speaking of weather, we have about 5 weeks and counting until spring officially begins! I am more than excited about this...I am so ready for the warmer weather, not hot, but the 60s and lower 70s are perfect. I'm ready for the trees and flowers and grass to start growing again, and for longer light hours at night, and being able to open the windows to let the breeze come in...I want it so bad I can almost smell spring now! Not to mention Resurrection Sunday will be here soon and ST. Patty's Day before that...oh man, I'm excited!

Well, I suppose that's all for the moment. Have a great weekend and spend a little time with the one you love...

Au revoir!

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