Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb. 5, 2009

New belly pics! Week 33 and 1 day...although, I really feel that I may actually be at least a week further along, so about 34 weeks. I guess we'll find out when the time comes, huh?! I can't believe how much I have grown, even in just these past 10 weeks or so! And not just the belly either! Hehe, my face even looks a little swollen, but that's normal, I know. I guess I have been pretty fortunate, though. I can't really complain...I haven't had much to deal with as in terms of having major physical problems. Let's pray it continues that way these last few weeks! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Oh, and update on the baby room. It's almost finished, carpet wise! Sidney finished measuring and cutting yesterday and possibly as early as tonight he will be able to tape it down! I'll post pics of that...

Well, Au revoir for now!

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