Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10, 2009

Well, today is week 38 (39) for me already! I can hardly believe it! I was looking back at pics from even less than a month ago and I can't believe just how much I have grown, even since then!!! I'm beginning to wonder if this child is going to weigh close to 9 lbs.! Oh goodness, I hope not!

I will be posting new pics sometime this week, so keep watching for them!

Today is our last birthing class...I can't get over how quickly these past 10 weeks have flown by. I'm really going to miss it. The other couples in the class are really nice and it's nice to switch it up each week and see other people. But I suppose I am glad we are finishing, I will feel a little more confident that now Baby W can come. As for our child, at this point I have no idea when she'll show. My body is getting prepped, to my way of thinking. Been having irregular, small contractions, nothing major, though. And my back has been achy and I feel like I weigh soooo much. But all of this only started happening last Monday, so who knows? I know, obviously, it is getting closer, but just how close, I'm not so sure!

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