Monday, March 9, 2009

Mon. March 9, 2009

Well, due to my lack of tiredness at the moment, I thought I would post.

This weekend was absolutely wonderful. Friday was an absolutely beautiful day...I got out into the fresh warm air and took a nice short (and I mean short!) walk. Then I just did little things around home and went to my friend's house to go with her and her two boys to the park. The littlest one, he's a month old, I got to hold. Oh he was sooooo snuggly and I LOVED it! Makes me all the more excited, I think. That evening Sid and I ran some errands and just hung out together.

Saturday we had a makeup class for our birthing class. It was nice to mix up the schedule and have it on a Sat. Tuesday is our last class and I can hardly believe we have been at it for almost 10 whole weeks now. After our class, we came home, packed up, and Sidney and I took a little "get-away" to a nearby hotel. It was nice to just be together and spend time with each other without interruptions from things needing to be done around the house. Just enjoying each other's presence. We made sure to find a place that had a pool. They had a hot tub, but we were told it was not working when we first reserved our room earlier in the week. But it was nice to discover it was. It actually was not very hot at all....lukewarm, so I we were in that most of the time because the pool was so chilly. It felt sooooo good to be in water. All the pressure on my hips were gone and I just felt so relaxed, it was wonderful. Two hours of that was what I needed! I wish I could do it more often! After the pool/hot tub, I was hungry, so we went over to the Denny's next door and had a bite, it was pretty quiet in there, so it was nice and calm. After that we went to get diesel for the car and then went back to our room and watched the rest of a movie on the TV. Sleeping was wonderful...we got a king size bed and I forgot just how big those are! I want one, although I have no idea where we would put one, our room is too small, and I don't even know how we would get it into the house, for that matter! Anyway, there was so much room and it had been such a long day, it was great.

Sunday we got up, got ready, and went downtown to the Moody Church on N. LaSalle. Absolutely breathtaking and wonderful. The santuary auditorium seats 3800 people and the church is inspired with byzantique and romanesque architecture. The organ has 4400 pipes and the acoustics are perfect. And we were told by an usher that we picked the right Sunday to come because we had both the choir AND the orchestra today! The orchestra only is there twice a month. It was mignificent, truly. And we heard Dr. Erwin Lutzer preach, he has been the senior pastor at Moody for 29 years now. It was so funny because I hear him all the time on Christian Radio (where we live, we have the Moody Station). So it was great that we got to see him preach in person, not just what I had imagined in my head every weekday morning/ afternoon from his voice! After service, we met Pastor Lutzer for a brief moment and then went on a tour of the church, more so just a history background of D.L. Moody and the church itself. It truly was one of the best services I have been to. I suppose the excitement of finally going, plus just being there in the presence of God with all the rest of those believers, not to mention the thousands of people listening in on the internet and was just amazing. After church we came home and watched the race together and I napped for a long while (perfect weather to nap, rainy, chilly).

Well, I guess that pretty much sums up the weekend! It was perfect and what more could I ask for? What is a better way to spend your weekend than in the presence of your spouse, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company, and finishing it off by spending time in the presence your Lord? Nothing beats it for me...


  1. Denny's!!!! That was my "baby's on the way woohoo!" meal after my water broke with Zelig! Now all you need to do is make sure your toenails are painted to perfection and Esther will make her grand appearance :)

  2. hahaha! I would love that, and what's funny is I actually do need my toenails painted again...I was going to make Sidney do that, I've given up. :)